What is the New Power BI Facebook Campaign & Brand Management Solution?

Today, we are excited to announce a new Power BI solution template – the Campaign/Brand Management template for Facebook! This solution template adds to the growing library of social analytics solution templates including the Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter and Advanced Search for Bing News solution templates.

Power BI Campaign & Brand Management Template

Go ahead and check out the Facebook solution template, you can try out an interactive sample report, watch a demo video, or just go ahead and set things up! The Power BI team is always interested in any thoughts or feedback – you can reach us through our alias (pbisolntemplates@microsoft.com) or by leaving a comment on the Power BI Solution Template Community page.

To set up this solution template you will need:

  • Azure Subscription
  • Power BI Desktop (latest version)
  • Power BI Pro (to share the template with your organization)
  • Facebook Developer Account